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From Jerm <>
Subject Re: xBug
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:37:36 GMT
Dear All.

I thought I had better let thing settle down a bit, before replying ;-)

Thank you everyone for your response to my proposal for (a proposal for ...) a
bug tracking system for Cocoon. The enthusiasm and offers of help were most

Thank you.

So there appear to be various issues ....

(1) Should this be a Cocoon or an Apache project?

This is probably a political decision. I expect it is largly out of my hands.
I don't know how projects like this run in Apache ....
A "pronouncement" on this from the core team would be appreciated.

(2) Should we be re-inventing the wheel?

Does the world need another bug-tracking system? Could not Cocoon's immediate
need for this functionality not be met by adapting an existing system?

(3) Should we build an "ideal" system?

As Pier and Ricardo pointed out, we have the opportunity to jointly gain an
understanding of the "formalism" of Cocoon's design, through a practical
project. The upside of this is that we all learn, the downside is that (I
suspect) not all of us actually understand the fundemental principles of formal
software design, placing pressure on those who do.

------- Ignoring (for now) the issue that the particular technologies used
------- to generate a project should be defined by the needs of the project

(4) Should this be an SQL or XML-file based project?
(5) Should we use SQL Processor or XSP SQL TagLib?
(6) What effect will the existance of SiteMap have on a project like this.
(7) What would the "URL Space" be for a project like this?

I hope I have properly represented the issues at hand.

I will provide some of my personal responses to the issues here, in seperate

Thanks again

regards Jeremy


   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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    <phone:+44.[0].207.737.6831>        <>

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