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From Jerm <>
Subject Re: xBug, point (2)
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:47:21 GMT

Dear All,

Replying to my own message ......

>(2) Should we be re-inventing the wheel?

My personal response to point (2) is this : (forgive me for the generalisations)

Whether is is a bug-tracking system or something else, it seems there is a
desire within this forum to work on a joint project. 

"We are working on a joint project, it's called Cocoon!", I hear you say .... 

Yes, but (speaking for myself) it seems there are two identifiable groups here
"Tool Makers" and "Tool Users" (yes, obviously there is cross over ... ). 

For instance I am in the second group. I do not have the skill to contribute to
Cocoon Core, but I do have skills to offer nevertheless ....

The former group is small, focussed, overworked and has a very obvious role! 

The second group has no role defined in terms of the project (they bring their
own, from their workplace). 

It appears the second group want something to get their teeth into.

Cocoon is ready for the second layer, where people who want to make it do
*their* stuff, develop their own working environments and solutions on top of

This is the stage where lots of people are dealing with the same issues ...

    eg. how to save form data so that it can be re-published
    (I'm not saying this is the only issue :)
A bug tracking system would be ideal for this.

To create one, issues that are common to lots of us will need to be solved.

The project is neutral, worthy and widely useful enough to be attractive for
individuals within the wider group to feel worthwhile investing some time in.

If we decide not to produce a Bug Tracker in Cocoon, I think we need to come up
with something else, that will tap this resource.

regards Jeremy


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                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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