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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: sitemap with cl?
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 10:47:04 GMT
On 5/1/00 at 2:21 pm, (Stefano Mazzocchi) wrote:

>> I'd imagine that it should be able to. You probably would invoke cocoon
>> something like this:
>> cocoon
>>  [-p /path/to/properties]
>>  [-s /path/to/sitemap]
>>  [-i inputURI(s) ]
>>  [-o /path/to/output/dir ]
>No, must simpler
> cocoon 
>  [-p /path/to/sitemap (defaults to ./sitemap.xml)]
>  [-o /path/to/output/dir]
>that's it. The sitemap will be the repository of all cocoon
>configurations. will be removed.

I feel like I am asking a really stupid question ...
(so what else is new? ;-)

How will Cocoon know which files to process without the input XML filenames on
the CL?

>Cocoon2 from the command line will look pretty much like stylebook is

I would love to know what you are talking about ;-)
I have so far failed to get access to the CVS.
I have tried the following:

    client   :  MacCVS Pro 2.5 PPC
    url      :
    path     :  /home/cvspublic
    module   :  xml-cocoon
    user     :  anonymous
    password :  anoncvs
    error    :  The checkout could not be completed because the CVS server 
                sent back a bad response.

Any suggestions?

regards Jeremy


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                                                           webSpace Design
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      <phone:+44.[0].207.737.6831>          <>

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