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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: post requests
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 10:55:38 GMT
On 2/1/00 at 10:58 pm, (Stefano Mazzocchi) wrote:

>> Has anyone thought about how people who are serving sites via Cocoon
>> will handle post requests that require xml (or other) file writing, database
>> modification, or XML node addition and modification to existing XML files on 
>> the server?

>Not a lot, but I've been thinking about this lack of symmetry.
>If you think deeply about it, this is a non issue: what takes care of
>handling POST requests (or any request that modify the status of the
>information system) is all contained into the logic realm. So, you can
>write your custom producer, or your custom XSP page (which is an easier
>way to do the same thing) and let cocoon handle the publishing of the
>resulting page (normally something like "yes, your commit was succesful"
>or something like that).

One issue for me is controlling the cache.

If I write a custom producer, or XSP Page to handle POST request data for my
application, it's job would be to modify the XML content of the site as a result
of user input. 

Would a Producer have access to Cocoon at this level?

As an example, I am developing a site made up of interlinked pages that lookup
information like <title>, <about> etc. from each other to build html links
(using XSL). Change the <title> of one page and several other pages that relate
to it need re-rendering.

My logic can determine which pages need to be refreshed, but how would it do

As a last resort, my logic could request the pages via http with a "nocache"
header or an artificially old "last-modified" date, but this is a bit of a long
way around, and I have not even checked to see if Cocoon does anything with a
nocache message. 

Any thoughts on this?

regards Jeremy


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