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From Philippe Lavoie <>
Subject ant doesn't accept two stylebooks (bug?)
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 20:15:50 GMT

I'm doing some tests with stylebook (good shit by the way).

My first hurdle is that I have a lot of directories, each needs his own menu
on the left. I'm doing something like this with ant

 <target name="docs-project" depends="docs-project-convert">
    <mkdir dir="${}"/>
    <copyfile src="${docs.project.dir}/docs-book.xml"
    <java class="${doc.generator}"
args="targetDirectory=${} ${}/book.xml

  <!-- ===================================================================
  <!-- Generate HTML docs
  <!-- ===================================================================
  <target name="docs" depends="docs-convert, docs-project">
    <mkdir dir="${}"/>
    <copyfile src="${docs.dir}/docs-book.xml" dest="${}/book.xml"/>
    <java class="${doc.generator}" args="targetDirectory=${}
${}/book.xml ${style}"/>

The docs-project target is built without any problems but the docs target
returns the following

[StyleBook] All done successfully
Executing Target: docs
Calling org.apache.stylebook.StyleBook
[StyleBook] Overriding targetDirectory="./docs" (Old=".")
BUILD FATAL ERROR: java.lang.Error: factory already defined

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


PS perhaps there is a better way ?   I noticed that xml-site uses bat
scripts to generate the docs I'll 
use that in the meantime.

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