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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: requires JDK 1.2
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 22:17:08 GMT
Ricardo Rocha wrote:

> Holly Shit! I get your point now, Mike.
> Please accept my apologies for my previous replies to you ("Go update
> your version!"). I thought you were using an old version drawn from the
> CVS...
>> For now I'll change the code myself and recompile.
> I'd advise you to check the whole thing out from the CVS: that way
> you're insured against more lost changes in addition to the classLoader...
> Regards,
> Ricardo
At least I can cancel my appointment to the shrink.  I thought I was losing
it for a while there.

I actually am going to check out the whole thing.  I made that one change
but the XSP class loader can't "see" any files I add with <xsp:include>.
Basically XSP doesn't really work except for the examples. I haven't been
able to anything buta simple pages with things like <xsp:expr>new
Date()</xsp:expr>. Hopefully this is why!! :-)


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