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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: requires JDK 1.2
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 20:13:10 GMT
Ricardo Rocha wrote:

> On Jan-23-2000 Mike Engelhart wrote:
> This class (like all XSP-related classes) was modified to remove
> dependencies on Java2. In particular, getParent() (Java2) has
> been replaced by this.getClass().getClassLoader() (Jdk 1.1). XSP
> was never meant to require Java2, so all early-development
> dependencies were removed prior to releasing Cocoon 1.6.

> Since this class was last modified on Jan-15 and Cocoon 1.6 was released
> on Jan-18, I can only assume your Cocoon version is out date. You may
> download the most recent Cocoon jar or check it out of the CVS.
> Regards,
> Ricardo
hi Ricardo,

This came up before but what I'm saying is that the Cocoon-1.6.jar that is

"does" have this dependency in the code (at least I continually get this
error AND the source code bundled with the jar has the code I posted).
I just (5 minutes ago) downloaded the jar file once again and below is
copied directly from the file in that jar:

  protected Class loadClass (String name, boolean resolve)
    throws ClassNotFoundException
    Class c = findLoadedClass(name);

    if (c == null) {
      try {
        c = findSystemClass(name);
      } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
        byte[] bits = loadClassData (name);

        if (bits == null) {
          ClassLoader cl = getParent(); // Hmmm...

          if (cl != null)  {
            c = cl.loadClass (name);
        } else {
          c = defineClass (null, bits, 0, bits.length);

          if (resolve) {
            resolveClass (c);

      if (c == null) {
        throw new ClassNotFoundException (name);

    return c;

Maybe something is wrong with CVS? I'm not sure but try downloading the jar
file yourself and see what's in the source.

For now I'll change the code myself and recompile.



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