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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 17:18:52 GMT
on 1/17/00 10:47 AM, Michael Glenn at wrote:

> Can a general exception reporting class be created which can be passed
> all exceptions and perform multiple operations? I'm envisioning the
> ability to choose from several options including standard output, final
> Cocoon output, log file, database, and email.
> I like how Cocoon handles most exceptions by printing to the final
> output, however certain exceptions including the initialization problem
> seems to hide the true exception.
> Does anyone have resources/tutuorials on Java exceptions? They're very
> robust and I'd like to learn a lot more to properly utilize them. I've
> used Cocoon for a while now and should begin to give back.
> Thanks.
Yes. You can write your own exception classes - for arguments sake something
like "CocoonInitException" and then throw that exception when an exception
occurs.  pseudo-code follows:

{ some stuff
catch (ClassNotFoundException e)
    throw new CocoonInitException(e);

then you can have your CocoonInitException do whatever you'd like.


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