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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:49:55 GMT
on 1/17/00 8:34 AM, Philippe Lavoie at wrote:

> I'm in the 'fail fast' school of thought so I'd say stick with what you have
> now.
> Phil

I've never heard of that school. :-)
Seriously though, why would you want software to fail completely without
giving any information as to why?  Seems a little Microsoft-like....
> Since Cocoon, isn't meant to be configured by non-educated users. It's
> just part of the education to know that what's in your property file should
> be good and valid information.
Were the heck does it say that?  That's complete bullshit in my book.  All
software should be easy to use - period. That's one of the biggest problems
with software is that developers assume only geeks should use it and work
with it and that there must be a level of education for one to use
something.  In some cases this has to be the case because of the domain
problem the software is used for but in this case that should not be the
case. I think cocoon should be easy enough for brain-dead monkeys to
configure, not just "educated-users".   I am in that educated class of
humans that you think should be allowed to work with cocoon and I still get
hung up on this. That's why I brought it up.  It's a pain in my ass that can
easily be fixed with 5 lines of code.
Sorry about that...

The issue I have is that Cocoon is failing to run "completely" and very
possibly because the file is simply pointing to a
non-existant Producer or Processor. This has happened to me several times in
testing where I create a stub Producer that just does a simple test and then
I remove the class file and forget to update the Upon
restarting the servlet engine, I try and access a page and the next thing I
know I'm trying to figure out why Cocoon isn't working at all because the
only message is in my browser saying "Cocoon isn't initialized or something
like that".  This is a waste of my time and I'm sure real site managers
would feel the same way, especially if you have more than just a few
producers.  If the web site manager forgets to make this simple change, it
seems pretty ridiculous to not even boot the Cocoon system when it could
just as easily run without loading the possibly no-longer necessary
Actually, I think an ideal situation would be to have a notifier class that
sends an email/page/whatever to the sysadmin, warning that "Cocoon has
failed to locate the Producer com.xxxx.TestClass. Don't forget to update
your file".  (Is the JavaMail jar file redistributable?)
I'll donate this code if any one thinks it's worthwhile.  It may be overkill
although it's something I would be happy to see.  I already use a class I
wrote just for this for notifying me if my code get ClassNotFound,
FileNotFound exceptions, etc.


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