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From "John D. Gray" <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 18:29:45 GMT

>>> Actually, I think an ideal situation would be to have a notifier class that
>>> sends an email/page/whatever to the sysadmin, warning that "Cocoon has
>>> failed to locate the Producer com.xxxx.TestClass. Don't forget to update
>>> your file".  (Is the JavaMail jar file redistributable?)
>>> I'll donate this code if any one thinks it's worthwhile.  It may be overkill
>>> although it's something I would be happy to see.  I already use a class I
>>> wrote just for this for notifying me if my code get ClassNotFound,
>>> FileNotFound exceptions, etc.
>>> Mike

>>1. There should be logging.
>>2. The logs should be clear enough to understand any problems encountered.
>>3. The logs should not be cluttered with unnecessary noise.
>>4. The user should be able to specify what events get logged. Using perhaps
some kind
>>of mask or priority heirarchy.
>>5. The application should not fail _unless_ there is a critical error.

>-- Doug

>This would also be good in addition to logging.

>-- Doug

If Cocoon had the option to log all messages to a socket (or list of sockets) in
 addition to the log file,  A user could
write a listener just for their site that parsed each message and decided
whether to take any of the actions above.
The user would not be restricted to a particular JDK - they could use any
language that can handle sockets. This also
keeps administration functions out of the Cocoon design.

For example, I am toying with the idea of using the 24 x 7 mainframe onsite
operations staff to support my system :)
If Cocoon had the option of logging to a socket, or some other way of hooking my
 code in via the network, I could run
something on the mainframe in PL/I that would monitor the Cocoon log, and if it
saw something I didn't like, abend to get the
attention of the operations staff. The dump would contain information requesting
 them to page LAN support and instructions
for fixing the problem. My system if restarted by people who get paid for it,
and I get a good night's sleep....

You could also use this to centralize logs from several Cocoon systems in one
place, write a console app to monitor
several systems, or write out a status file in XML.

Or any other weird setup that makes sense for your installation....


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