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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Real-world recommendations for dynamic XML production?
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 01:33:28 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:

> > So XSP gives you the tool... XSLT the transformation... use the two as
> > you normally do with any other context separation (content/style)
> > (structure/markup) (data/content).
> Okay, then, now I'm confused again. You were happy to be wrong since XSP
> is irrelevant

Never said that.

> but we should be using XSP to develop taglibs? 

yeah... I mean, XSP defines the final DTD... it allows you to mix code
and content.... XSLT defines a way to add extentions but doesn't tell
you _how_ such extentions are created. All xslt processors provide
built-in extentions... in a sense, Cocoon provides extentions _and_ the
way to implement them.

> In what sense is XSP irrelevant then?

XSP is _not_ irrilevant... I was wrong to indicate that XSLT was not
powerful enough to handle what the "xsp model" was proposing. But, being
not sure about that we didn't write anything about taglibs inside the
XSP spec... this is what I called "layer 1" which defines semantics to
mix code and logic.

Sorry for being dense, but this I don't understand where I'm not making
sense :(

Did anybody understand why I was wrong?


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