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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Personalization Server [was: RE: Happy to be wrong!]
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2000 14:30:05 GMT
Tim Fleming wrote:
> I realize this is a bit off topic but it was touched on in the
> message below.  If it generates enough interest we can move the
> discussion elsewhere.
> As the note below mentions, web sites are increasingly dynamic and
> personalized.  The personalization is both explicit, where the user
> can define the kinds of information they want to see, and implicit,
> where server-based rules pick relevant content based on previous
> requests, demographics (to the extent know), etc. of the user.  The
> ATG Dynamo "Personalization Server" is an example that fills this
> need.
> Is there any interest in an open-source project to address this need?

There already is. The JetSpeed project (which now uses Cocoon!) is a
project to create portal-like solutions for web apps and it should
control those things.

Otherwise, the Turbine project should provide APIs for this.

True, one day Cocoon should merge with all these other web-app projects
or, at least, provide simple ways to operate together... but not until
Cocoon is finishing with SAX port and sitemap.

Or unless somebody comes up with a better idea, of course.


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