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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Happy to be wrong!
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:18:43 GMT
This is the "real" answer...

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Have you ever been happy to be wrong?

Nope... :) It makes me feel like a dork :)

> [...]
> Federico and I went to dinner out tonight and we came to the conclusion
> than the XSP specification can be _totally_ represented as an
> Extended-XSLT taglib. Nothing of what I've previously said is true: you
> gain nothing by using XSP.

Hmmm... Interesting point... Those Italian nights seems to be still
productive, even in my absence :)

> [...]
> The only concern I had, was still performance: how can EXSLT work faster
> than a compiled server page? simple, it can't.

That's the point...

> Scott proposed stylesheet compilation as a solution: but in my mind I
> could not see how compiling a stylesheet would help... true, you could
> simplify many things and do faster transformations but you still had to
> do XML parsing, events feeding, tree creation and evaluation and a bunch
> of stuff...

For XML parsing... I think I have a solution...

> Tonight, Federico opened my eyes (man, I'll miss that guy! these
> exoffice mean men are stealing all my friends, damn it! :)

Read the other reply :)

> A smart E-XSLT engine should _not_ perform stylesheet compilation (which
> may be helpful but no that much), but do _page_ compilation. Let's look
> again:
>  XML -EXSLT-> Java -javac-> producer -execution-> XML
> so, if we evaluate the two with what Cocoon does today we get
>  -EXSLT-> := -XSLT-taglibs-> XSP -XSLT->
> which makes XSP totally useless since it's just a step between XSLT
> transformations.

You basically apply the transformation and THEN compile the resulting
XML... Did I get it right????
In that case, you have to specify how you can include code into the XML,
but I believe it's possible...

> QED :)

This brings me back to high school time ... Quod Erat Demostrandum...

> NOTE: I still like the ability to use XSP as a taglib for direct code
> inclusion inside a page, it may be helpful.


> Anyway, I'll happily let Ricardo and all you other XSLT experts figure
> out the way to make the above possible, but I've been finally convinced
> and I'm a happy guy now :)

I still have to figure out HOW it's possible (from the implementation
point of view) but I believe it's possible...


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