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From Hannes Haug <>
Subject Re: XSLT/XSP Unification?
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 23:57:02 GMT
Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus wrote:
> But my understanding is SAXON is able to run the stylesheet
> through a special stylesheet that transforms the XSLT to a
> java class, similar I think to what you do with XSP pages.

This compiler is in an old version of saxon. The compiler
actually builds java source code. But a java compiler doesn't
know about xslt semantics. So you can't expect the java
compiler to do significant optimizations. If you want fast
byte code you have to forget about the java language and build
a real compiler that will output some low level java source.
You use java as an high level assembler. But if you produce
such source code you can as well produce java byte code.
It's like implementations of other programming languages.
Some use low level c as their backend (e.g. the mercury
compiler, the scheme compiler and many others). And they
really use c as an assembler. If you want I can show you
some code they generate. Other compilers produce java byte
code. But I don't know any serious work that produces java.
It simply gives no advantage.


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