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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: bugoon
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 17:14:00 GMT
Jerm wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting to the point where I can start work on Bugoon.
> I first want to sort out the basic plan of the software, functionality, data
> model etc.
> This ought to happen in an 'ideal' way, as pointed out by Ricardo Rocha :
> On 20/1/00 at 10:12 am, (Ricardo Rocha) wrote:
> >Personally (god forgive me!) I'm interested in it fundamentally as a
> >testbed for a dynamic XML development methodology as well as to
> >test XSP's capabilities as a dynamic tag processing language.
> On 20/1/00 at 6:52 am, (Ricardo Rocha) wrote:
> >0) "Retrofit" Bugzilla from the forms you ripped off by applying
> >    entity-relationship modelling. Identify entities (bug, platform,
> >    servlet engine), domains (status, priority, severity), attributes
> >    (summary, keywords) and relationships (assigned-to, dependent
> >    bug(s)).
> >
> >1) Retrofit a state model from Bugzilla's "Bug's Life Cycle". Identify
> >    initial state, valid transitions, events triggering transitions,
> >processes
> >    associated with events, etc
> >
> >2) Derive an SQL database schema from this entity-relationship
> >    model. Rules for this transformation are straightforward: entities
> >    map to tables, domains to check constraints, attributes to columns,
> >    relationships to foreign keys and intersection tables, etc.
> [etc]
> Reading this makes me think that Ricardo has said everything that needs to be
> said, I just don't know what all of it means ;-)

Ouch. Pretty new to database technology aren't you? If you don't know
what an E-R model is, I suggest you to read a good book on information
systems and DBMS. I have a nice italian one, but I don't know any good
english book (or web tutorial) for that. Anyone? Ricardo?
> Can anyone suggest some good reading I can do to get up to speed on this?
> If this is indeed going to be a worthwhile "testbed for a dynamic XML
> development methodology" we gotta do it right, and I will need some help at this
> stage (plus probably most of the others :)
> Is there anyone with the time and knowledge of this stuff who can help?

I think I have the knowledge, but time... no, I don't. But I downloaded
all possible OSS web-based bug-tracking tools (bugzilla, gnats,
jitterbug, sourceForge) and I'll try to come up with a general ER model
that covers all needs.

But I can't tell you when... :(

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