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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Cocoon-1.6 dependency on FOP
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 17:09:41 GMT
"Williams, Murray Todd" wrote:
> There are two questions I have about Cocoon-1.6 and FOP.
> When I was building the aformentioned Cocoon RPM, my target was to have it
> so that you could install the RPM, restart Apache, and then browse to the
> Cocoon.xml status page with success.

Sounds like a cool plan.
> A problem that I encountered was that the Cocoon.xml page would cause an
> error if FOP wasn't installed. I couldn't find any reference to FOP's
> classes in the file (which I would have commented out) so
> I had to include FOP with Cocoon in the RPM and install both together just
> so Cocoon.xml would work.

??? there are no dependencies on that if you remove the pdf formatter.
> Can anyone explain to me why the "Cocoon.xml" page wont work without FOP
> present?

I can't. And thinking about it, it should work even with the pdf
formatter indicated. (of course, the /Cocoon.xml page not the pdf
> I'd also love to know how you use FOP with Cocoon. 


> Is the intention for
> Cocoon to be able to intercept a .pdf request (like it currently intercepts
> .xml requests) and somehow build the .pdf file from a combination of
> xml/xslt/fop files for the web server to spit out?

Did you ever tried Cocoon sample files? Well, that's all it takes.
> I'd love to be able to put documentation on my web site and give people the
> option of browsing (loading the page.xml) or downloading a nice
> print-oriented version via a page.pdf link.  If someone could help me
> through a simple "hello world" example, I'd be willing to write some
> documentation (yes, using Stylebook DTD) in order to return the favor.

Look into samples/fo/ you find some nice examples of what you can do
with FO and also a stylesheet to tranform David Megginson's Novel DTD
into FOs and then PDF. 

> Anybody willing to help me?

So have you been missing the WAP demo, the VRML demo and the VoXML demo?

Everytime I demo cocoon with my laptop learned people get excited from
the hello world page, manager gets excited when they hear my laptop
speaking "hello, this is my first voice enabled Cocoon page" or when I
browse my site from the Nokia 6150 desktop emulator (note, that my real
cell phone is exactly that one!)

It's so funny when you see their eyes turning into a dollar sign :)

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