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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Sitemap and Links...
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:54:48 GMT
Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
> Donald Ball wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> >
> > > > Next question - it would seem that the general consensus is towards
> > > > Pier and Stefano's proposed map syntax, with the 'prefix' tag as suggested
> > > > by Brett. Is that so? If so, let's work on a pseudocode algorithm for
> > > > using the sitemap and then implement it already. I can't see anything
> > > > horrendously difficult there (not anything as hard as, say, XSP :))
> > >
> > > +1.  I have been looking/waiting for a TODO or something to start on for
> > > almost two weeks... I also want to work on it enough so I can start
> > > committing myself ;-)
> > >
> > > Donald, if you don't get a response, let's start one ourselves in the
> > > next day or two...
> >
> > Well, it's been, let's see, almost three weeks and we haven't heard
> > anything. Do you have anything prepared or shall I begin?
> Kids, I'm in on it too... Ready to blow... I have already worked out a
> pseudo sitemap in StyleBook, and ready to start on Cocoon 2.0.

Pier, let's be honest: I hate this "I'm working on it", "i'll be ready
next week", "I'll have it for sunday", "I'll send you the code
tomorrow", "I'm right on it", "I've been busy, but I'm almost done"...

Stop it! You have the worst sense of time ever! You are _never_ on time,
never ever ever ever ever ever. No matter how hard you try. You totally
fail to measure the time it takes to do something, you simply can't do

So, please, since this is a collaboration effort, and there is
xml-cocoon2 CVS tree... USE  IT, DAMN IT! so that we can _know_ what
you're doing and, gee, maybe help you or stop you from doing mistakes.

It's the same problem we had in mod_jserv: by the time we're done, the
project is stopped and a fork is made.

I DO NOT WANT to create a fork between Cocoon 1.x and Cocoon 2.x... in
fact, I want to slowly migrating to 2.0 from the 1.x base. I'm going to
integrate your code in Cocoon 1.x, not the other way around.

Shit, this whole thing is called "open development". With Stylebook, you
couldn't do it because of legal shit, but now, man, you're not even an
IBM employee anymore so you have all the benefits of that.

Sorry for the rant, dude, you know how much I appreciate your work, but
both you and Ricardo sometimes fail to see the importance of
collaborative and incremental development, which is, IMO, the true power
of Apache.

Also, as a general rule, DON'T make promises, but do facts.

If you say: I'll take care of it, it's like having a global lock on the
CVS: nobody else will work on that since nobody is happy to duplicate

And for all the people that think I'm a bottleneck: I am, damn it,
because I have a single brain and I don't travel at 0.9c, but when I say
I'm doing something, I do (more or less on time) and when I know I have
to delegate responsability I do (more or less on time).

But then, man, I can't do more than this...

(I'm preparing the 1.6.1 distribution for tonight or tomorrow).

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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