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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: servlet or no? (was Re: [Moving on] SAX vs. DOM part II)
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2000 01:05:32 GMT
brian moseley wrote:
> step 1: scheduled process extracts raw logicsheets, etc from
> say a cvs repository, compiles them into classes, and
> distributes the classes to the appropriate location on the
> host running a cocoon server.
> step 2: the cocoon server handles a request and decides it
> needs one of these classes as a processor. it notices that
> the class's last modified time is newer than the last
> modified time that it remembers for the class. it reloads
> the class and then executes the code appropriately.
> step 1 is performed offline, from the perspective of the
> cocoon server. the classes are not cached, from the
> perspective of the cocoon server. the relationship is much
> simpler, just 'reload if modified since x'.
> this is a perfectly valid deployment, and is in fact much
> more highly scalable (performance-wise) than
> load-at-request-time strategies. at least in my experience.

Ok... On this we agree (I believe). This is the cache mechanism how it
should be deployed:

The cocoon execution involves these steps:
   a) producer
   b) filter (one or more)
   c) serializer
   All together can build up a "cocoon chain"

When I receive a request, I call everyone of those (a,b*,c) and ask
"were you, your configurations, or those files your rely on modified
since the last time I called you (and to be precise this -the previous
request date-)?"
If that says it changed, then I re-process the request, if not, I simply
get the copy out of the cache and send it, or if the client (in HTTP)
provided a "If-Modified-Since" header, and that's within our range, I
don't serve anything.
Is this right? Because if so, it's already carved in Cocoon 2.


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