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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject New XML-SITE module structure, and documentation changes
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 20:23:18 GMT
I had few problems regenerating the documentation this week-end, mostly
due to my lack of ability on transmitting informations to the proper
people (read, the ones who write documentation).

It's better, so, to fix a couple of stuff, and, at the same time, make
some changes that will inprove, IMVHO, the documenation process of all
our subproject.

The XML-SITE is the basic repository for DTDs, styles and target output.
It's structure will be the following:

/home/cvs/xml-site/style (the shared-repository)
/home/cvs/xml-site/style/dtd (all dtds)
/home/cvs/xml-site/targets (the generated HTML+images)
/home/cvs/xml-site/sources (the source XML)

Since the task is to enable stand-alone document generation, I would
like to propose to each project the following structure:

/home/cvs/xml-XXX/???/docs (the root documentation)
/home/cvs/xml-XXX/???/docs/sources (the project source XML doc files)
/home/cvs/xml-XXX/???/docs/style (a symlink to 

Then in "/home/cvs/xml-site/sources" there will be symlinks to each
individual project doc sources. For example:

> /home/cvs/xml-site/sources/xerces-j -> /home/cvs/xml-xerces/java/docs/sources

Whoever write documentation can commit changes in either the project
module itself, or in the xml-site module, and those changes will be
reflected in the other module.

As for the book files, we need to have two of them, I was thinking about
having two copies of them, one with the sources (that could be used to
generate the documentation) and one in the xml-site module that can be
used to generate on line docs for the website (mainly because in the
shipped docs we don't want to have a link to the top "website" page
(first link in most projects on the sidebar).

How about it? Can I go on and make those tweaks, build the scripts, and
so on?


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