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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for Cocoon-on-JServ installation instructions...
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 20:51:03 GMT
Dan Egnor wrote:
> Apologies if it's not appropriate to send this directly to you, but I'm not
> yet subscribed to the mailing list, and this is quick.  Hopefully you can at
> least forward it to whoever is responsible for the documentation.
> There is a JServ bug (misconfiguration?) that frequently impacts Cocoon users,
> enough so (in my experience) to warrant a paragraph under "Installing Cocoon
> on Apache JServ" in
> Many JServ RPM packages (for Red Hat Linux) add and mod_jserv.c
> to the top of the module list in httpd.conf.  With this configuration,
> ApJServAction (used to associated .xml files with Cocoon) will not work!  To
> fix the problem, simply move the "LoadModule" and "AddModule" lines that refer
> to mod_jserv to the *bottom* of their respective lists, and, of course, restart
> the httpd.
> People installing by hand (on any platform) could theoretically make the same
> mistake, though I haven't seen this.  (I've seen the RPM problem bite several
> people.)
> It is perhaps also worth noting that there is an alternative to ApJServAction.
> Instead of this:
>   ApJServAction .xml /servlet/org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
> ... you can use this:
>   Action cocoon /servlet/org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
>   AddHandler cocoon xml
> There are a number of advantages to this approach.  For one thing, I don't
> think it suffers from module-order dependency.  For another, "AddHandler" is
> much more flexible than ApJServAction; you can include it in .htaccess files,
> <Location> directives, and so on.  You can also use SetHandler.  IMHO,
> ApJServAction should be deprecated in favor of this much more general facility.
> (This is all true as of JServ 1.1.  I've logged a bug against JServ for this.)

Gee, thank you Dan, people were having that problem and I couldn't
figure out why.

Many thanks again. (it will become an instant FAQ + I will update the
installation instructions).

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