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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: ApacheJServ-1.1-1.RH6x.i386.rpm Incompatibility
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:11:24 GMT
"Williams, Murray Todd" wrote:
> I'm currently on the mission to build RPM packages for xalan, xerces and
> Cocoon so that I can install everything quickly and guarantee a running
> configuration from the get-go.  There are a lot of computers around here
> (everyone has a laptop and a desktop and a home machine and I wanted
> consistancy and ease of installation).
> Anyway, I was using the ApacheJServ-1.1-1.RH6x.i386.rpm package that's
> posted on the website.  When I installed and
> configured everything, Cocoon wouldn't do anything!  To make a long story
> short: the "ApJServAction .xml" line wasn't doing anything at all.  If I
> tried to browse an .xml file (including the base Cocoon.xml) I'd either get
> the .xml file downloaded straight (without intervention) or in the case of
> Cocoon.xml it would complain that there was no /home/httpd/html/Cocoon.xml
> file.
> I checked for any error logs or other diagnostic messages and there were
> none.  In addition, I tried changing the "ApJServAction" line to point to a
> non-existant servlet and THEN tried to browse an .xml file again.  No
> errors.  It would just do a download of the xml file.  I tried the same
> trick with a hand-installed machine (hand-built JServ and and earlier
> Cocoon) and I got the "Servlet Not Found" error I was expecting.
> I also got the same behavior from the beta1, beta2 and beta3 RPMs that were
> on the same site.
> I'm now going to build my own ApacheJServ-1.1 RPM for internal uses.  I just
> figured I'd pass this note along in case there are any newbies who can't
> seem to get things working. Also, if anyone is on an Apache JServ mailing
> list, it'd be nice if someone would pass this note along.  I'm already on 10
> mailing lists and don't have the mental-bandwidth to join another.
> If anyone's interested in my RPMs when I get finished, let me know and I'll
> post a link.

No, I'd like those RPM on plus a way to generate
them using Ant so that others can do it if you are busy.

Can you help us on that?

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