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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: xBug -Reply
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:07:21 GMT
Michel Lehon wrote:
> That would indeed be a wonderful showcase of what Cocoon and XSP can do.
> It would also be a good teaching tool for everyone (me included)
> +1 (Even if I don't have rights to vote).
> I hope there will be much most discussions about the evolution of this
> project, since it could be used to grow the number of people 'educated' to
> the core Cocoon technologies.


it's _very_ nice for me to see all of you discussing such things. I also
love when people come to me saying "I don't know SQL, but that's no big
deal", amazing :)

Why? because it means I was right!!! Cocoon is a framework to allow
people that never had the skills or the design patterns to build a
data-driven web site to think that with Cocoon the problems are
someplace else... but also, they totally understand that if you invest
some time learning such technologies, they will be paying off forever.

This whole xBug system is a test, a test to see how ready Cocoon is to
do real stuf. Real web applications.

I was going to propose something like this, but Jeremy had the right

The evolution of a framework is not clear and the project has
currently three frameworks "cocoon", "turbine" and "avalon". Cocoon is
the only one that doesn't have a subproject that works inside its
framework... (Turbine has Jyve, Avalon has JAMES)

So we need one and now that XSP are available, like Ricardo says, you
don't need anything else.

Again, Ricardo is totally right: we need design patterns on how to build
xml web apps using Cocoon. And these can be defined only when you test
it on a real life system. The bug database is simple enough to be
handled in a short time and it might well indicate some design flaws
when Cocoon builds something more than a page.

Also, we need to define some "WAR equivalents, some much like the
Servlet API 2.2 does, but inside Cocoon. A way to deploy and install
your web application without too much effort. I'll be open to all
suggestions in this field.

All right, people. Let's this what this baby can do :)

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