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From Michael Glenn <>
Subject xBug related XSP Questions
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 16:24:59 GMT
Ricardo Rocha wrote:
> On Jan-20-2000 Michael Glenn wrote:
> > FYI, my framework for grabbing input would be something like...
> > All controlled by custom Producer or components of said Producer.
> > If someone has a more efficient method please let me know. I'm starting
> > to develop all my Cocoon applications like this and have yet to come up
> > with anything better for retrieving data from forms and storing it into
> > tables.
> Risking to appear too insistent, I'd say an XSP-based solution
> is much easier to implement, maintain and extend than developing
> a special purpose producer.
> For a more detailed explanation, please see my previous posting
> where I outline an (admittedly crude) methodology for developing
> dynamic web applications in Cocoon

I starting to see how this would work, but my understanding of XSP is
still very rusty. I'm hoping you can confirm and clarify my analysis
then perhaps I can be of some use. Using this as a real world example
will help me to grasp the XSP concept. 

Using your previous example...

      <request:get-parameter name="platform"/>
      <request:get-parameter name="version"/>
      <request:get-parameter name="component"/>
    . . .

...perhaps you can confirm some assumptions of mine.

I understand <xbug:add-bug> to be a library tag as well as
<xbug:platform> and <request:...>, correct?

Some of this code resides within the XSPRequest library, referenced
using <xsp:page>, correct?

Where would the code to add the retrieved information into the database
reside and how would it be referenced?

Michael Glenn,
Principal and Web Architect
North 49 Design

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