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From Michael Glenn <>
Subject Re: xBug
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:52:28 GMT
Jerm wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have been in discussion with Stefano over the last couple of days, about
> building a Bug Tracking system for Cocoon, in Cocoon.
> After going over various ways of handling this, we decided that the only
> technique that really makes any sense, is to store bugs in an SQL Database.
> I am offering to build the project, but the first problem is that I have never
> used SQL before .... consequentially, it will probably take me longer to
> complete this than almost anyone else on this list ... ;-)


I'll volunteer my services to code xBug entities (i.e. issue, category,
etc.) and the respective tables and table functions (createTable,
insert, update, delete). I'd go with John's suggestions regarding SQL
queries and use SQLProducer. Pass along the DTD when you've draw it up.

John Morrison wrote:
> I don't know much about how to get the data _into_ a db, but the
> structure of the db should be quite easy.  Can't you use the SQL
> producer + xsl stylesheets/transformations to get the data out?

FYI, my framework for grabbing input would be something like...

All controlled by custom Producer or components of said Producer.

pass HttpRequest object
|(fields retrieved by)
|(place fields into)
|(insert entity into table)

If someone has a more efficient method please let me know. I'm starting
to develop all my Cocoon applications like this and have yet to come up
with anything better for retrieving data from forms and storing it into

Michael Glenn,
Principal and Web Architect
North 49 Design

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