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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: question about document-stylebook.xsl
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 21:52:41 GMT
Gerard van Enk wrote:
> I have a question about creating a document with the document-v10.dtd.
> Is there a reason why the tags inside a <dd> or <dt> aren't processed? For
> example: I want to have a link inside a <dt>. If I use the <link> tag it
> removed (or not copied) by document-stylebook.xsl.
> In the stylesheet document-stylebook.xsl <xsl:value-of
> select="following::dd"/> is used with the template for dt. If you use
> <xsl:apply-templates> the link will be created. But I'm not sure why
> 'value-of' is used......

Sorry, but WHAT THE HACK IS document-v10.dtd? I never wrote that!
Isn't it something coming from Xalan, isn't it? Because on that, I have
NO IDEA... (Actually, I never defined any <dd> or <dt>)


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