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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: ProducerFromFile problems with Cocoon 1.6 and servlet API 2.0 (and 2.1)
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:40:26 GMT
Ed Wolpert wrote:
> Folks-
>   I'm starting to upgrade from Cocoon 1.5 to Cocoon 1.6 with
> JServ 1.1b3 (not 1.1 yet...) I'm also using Servlet API 2.0
> release. I extended the ProducerFromFile class, and tried to
> recompile, but it fails when it hits the request.getContextPath()
> in line 100 of The getContextPath() is
> only available with HttpServletRequest object in servlet
> API 2.2, not 2.0. Does Cocoon still work with the servlet API 2.0,
> or does it require 2.2 now? If so, What does this mean with Jserv?
> >From my understanding, Jserv 1.1b3 was only compliant to
> Servlet API 2.0, not 2.2... I thought this was also correct for
> Jserv 1.1? What are the correct versions of Jserv and JSDK (servlet
> API) that should be used with Cocoon 1.6?

Cocoon 1.6 needs Servlet 2.2 to compile but should work with no problem
under any 2.x servlet engine.

The reason is that in order to work under Tomcat, we need that. But
don't worry, we'll support JServ until Tomcat totally replaces it.

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