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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Cocoon Log
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:15:50 GMT
Good server software has log. 

Why? because good server hardware has no screen :)

Seriously, I admit a good logging subsystem is missing in Cocoon and I
agree that logging is a critical thing when the complexity of the
software increases.

Here is what I propose:

1) create two interfaces LogConsumer and LogProducer.

public interface LogConsumer {
	void log(String message);
	// plus all other required log methods

public interface LogProducer {
	void setLogConsumer(LogConsumer log);

2) if your component wants to log something, it implements logproducer
and the factory will give you the logger where to log stuff.

3) depending on the use (servlet mode, command line mode, API mode)
Cocoon will forward these log messages to the appropriate stream.

NOTE: complex mail handling such as syslogd use, mail forwarding and
such DO NOT belong to the Cocoon project, but, rather, to the servlet
engine. This extended log engine was scheduled for but it's
now evaluated for Tomcat. (see Ricardo's forwarded message about IBM

Also, Cocoon internals will be logged on the created channels.... I'll
add these log capabilities in Cocoon 1.7 as soon as I get back home...


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