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From Michael Glenn <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 16:47:20 GMT
Michael Engelhart wrote:

> Actually, I think an ideal situation would be to have a notifier class that
> sends an email/page/whatever to the sysadmin, warning that "Cocoon has
> failed to locate the Producer com.xxxx.TestClass. Don't forget to update
> your file".  (Is the JavaMail jar file redistributable?)
> I'll donate this code if any one thinks it's worthwhile.  It may be overkill
> although it's something I would be happy to see.  I already use a class I
> wrote just for this for notifying me if my code get ClassNotFound,
> FileNotFound exceptions, etc.

Can a general exception reporting class be created which can be passed
all exceptions and perform multiple operations? I'm envisioning the
ability to choose from several options including standard output, final
Cocoon output, log file, database, and email. 

I like how Cocoon handles most exceptions by printing to the final
output, however certain exceptions including the initialization problem
seems to hide the true exception. 

Does anyone have resources/tutuorials on Java exceptions? They're very
robust and I'd like to learn a lot more to properly utilize them. I've
used Cocoon for a while now and should begin to give back.


Michael Glenn,
Principal and Web Architect
North 49 Design

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