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From Doug Serres <>
Subject CVS Not responding.
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000 18:07:07 GMT

I've been trying to connect to the CVS repository from my Linux machine
and can't. Here are the details. If there is a better place to seek help
please let me know.

Thanks, Doug


  1. I have a Linux machine that can ping and get a
  2. I use the command: "cvs -d login" and respond
     to the "CVS password:" challenge with "anoncvs"
  3. Here is the transcript:
          $ cvs -d login

          (Logging in to
          CVS password: anoncvs (actually hidden)
          (press ctrl-c after 10 minutes)
          cvs [login aborted]: received interrupt signal
  4. We have opened port 2401 to in our firewall.

Ideas would be welcome.

Thanks again,

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