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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Sitemap and Links...
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 23:28:24 GMT
"Stephen R. Savitzky" wrote:

[...skipped very interesting points...]

> I agree that RDF is too complex; I looked at WebDAV first and basically
> ignored RDF.  But WebDAV looks like it maps directly into the kind of
> sitemap "document" that we both need -- a single XML document that contains
> arbitrary XML metadata.
> Most of the PIA's extension mapping stuff, and your wildcard stuff, are
> basically ways of compactly associating metadata (like styles and processing
> steps) with documents.  There are probably other ways that are just as good
> if not better, including something like the X window system's Xdefaults
> database.  Now that I think of it, that's almost _exactly_ what we need.

Ok. Let's try to sum up here.

Let's list the points we are trying to make:

- XML documents require additional data in order to be processed. 
- This data may or may not reside inside the documents themselves.
- We all agree this data should _NOT_ reside inside the documents (like
Cocoon does today with PIs), otherwise management costs increase at
least linearly with the number of documents hosted.

Do we agree on this?

- A URI space should be considered a virtual addressing space, some of
this maps to some real locations on file systems, some don't.
- The .htaccess model is based on file system mapping, for point 1),
this model is not general enough.
- So, there must be a centralized "metadata" repository, plus local
extention capabilities in those cases where this is possible.

This leads to a "distributable sitemap" model. What about this?

Let's move on:

- the sitemap contains processing information that drive the functional
mapping between servlet requests and responses.

should the sitemap contain metadata information about the files? I think
not. WebDAV and RDF stuff are _orthogonal_ to the processing
instructions (not the PI, I mean the real term) required to "teach" the
engine how to come up with a response, given the request.

I totally agree something like this is needed, but I question the need
for something like this in a sitemap. Anybody agrees with me?

Now, wild-cards....

let's make a real example:


generates the SQL query

 select * from bookmark

on the database "stefano" of the database server mapped with "users" as
for producer configurations. This is a general behavior and no file is
touched to produce the document. There is no
/data/users/stefano/bookmark/ directory on the file system, nor there
should be one.

How do you map that request to my MultiHostSQLProducer without

I think we cannot avoid the use of wildcards + mount points. Also, we
cannot live without URL rewriting, but we'll presume this handled
_before_ the request comes (at the web server level).


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