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From "Ted" <>
Subject How to reveal original XML document before XSLT was applied?
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2000 23:52:20 GMT


For example: Chemical Markup Language transformed to HTML

If I used Cocoon, then, based on the calling browser (Netscape, IE), I
could automatically format CML into HTML by applying the appropriate
XSLT automatically (in Cocoon's "media" setting).

Now, what if I wanted to share XMLDTD1 to another group, who would like
to call the original document before before the transformation by
Cocoon. For example, the new (unfamiliar) group would like to
synchronize the chemical data from the more semantically-oriented
XMLDTD1 rather than the formatting-oriented XMLDTD2, but the XMLDTD1
would be coming from my group's server.

(1) Do we have mechanisms to do this, short of revealing the XSLT code?
Do I have to duplicate the XML document, give it a different name and a
text MIME type, and share that with the group?
(2) Is there anything inherently bad in revealing the XSLT code (aside
from the fact that you expended the effort and they can just copy it for
other uses?)
(3) My real concern is over a dynamically generated XMLDTD1 document. I
am not averse to showing the document as it is, before the XSLT is
applied. How can I let them call XMLDTD1 without being transformed by
the XSL (removing the browser autodetection to apply the XSL is out of
the question) ?.


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