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From Mike Pogue <>
Subject Re: Can't build latest Snapshot...
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 17:53:57 GMT wrote:
> > Actually, It is xerces that won't build right now.  I
> > have the latest snapshot.  Anyone else having trouble?
> Yes. Apparently since Xalan was updated to work with
> Xerces, Xerces was updated with changes to DOM events
> that do not build, correctly.

If this is the Xalan compile error that was posted to the Xerces list
earlier this week, Scott Boag said on Wednesday that he was working to
update Xalan to match the change to BaseSerializer.

If this is something new, could somebody post the compile error to the
Xerces list?
Or send it to me, and I'll do it...Several of the Xerces developers
don't read the Cocoon list.

> I am sorry to be so long-winded. But last week I had a
> prototype that was sufficiently functional that I was ready
> to commit a development process to it. For a week, now,
> I have been dead in the water.
> It is just a little bit frustrating.

If I were you, I would be very reluctant to base any development process
on the current daily snapshots, which are changing rapidly to catch up
with the Schema and DOM L2 specs, and to fune tune the new Serializer
code (on the Xerces side).  I'm sure there are many Xalan changes going
in right now, too.

Note: the tarballs are a lot more stable (and tested) than the daily
snapshots.  I understand your frustration, though, because there's a
time lag from when Xerces puts out a tarball, to when Xalan updates and
does the same, and they match and can be used together.  

We are putting in place a bug tracking system, so that people can more
easily submit these problems as they are discovered.  It's not ready
yet, though.


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