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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: AW: Entities
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 13:14:13 GMT
Armin Pfarr wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> it doesn't work with full quallified pathnames or HTTP-URL's either.

> I checked the Xalan-code, which seems to be the reason for this problem:
> I did a little test-programm (derived from the XALAN-samples) that looks
> like

I'll let Scott handle this then. If it's a Cocoon problem, I'll fix it,
otherwise I can only help a little (I don't know Xalan code that much,
I'm afraid).


> Hope that helped you over the night

Oh, yes. This is the best way to fix a problem.
> Armin
> P.S.
> If you want to dive into that stuff more deeply, take a look at James Clarks
> XML-testcases ( and run them against the parsers you
> are sX-Mozilla-Status: 0009 guy has a strange way of documenting his code
> (he must have a program that strips away all the comments), but he knows
> what "conforming to the standard" really means (from my experience: most
> parser producers don't).

Hmmm, I would like to suggest you to think again about your statement.
True, I think XT is XSLT processor to beat (as Scott knows) but
"standard conformation" is a commitment of all the xml apache projects
and Scott is part of the working group that created the spec.

I think the Xalan team has a long way to understand how to work with a
community of open source developers, this is the most important issue.
Everything else is just a bug that is waiting for someone to fix it :)

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