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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Sitemap and Links...
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 15:01:12 GMT
Luis Faus wrote:
> [...]
> Here a macro is just a set of instructions that any 'process' tag can call
> (inherit). Macros should be able to inherit from other macros.
> A macro also can do some translation like in this example:
> "flowers/index.html" gets translated to "flowers" + "index.html"
> "index.html" gets translated by the macro 'foo' into "index.xml", which is
> the value used in the replacement instruction, giving us
> "/home/xml/index.xml".
> Do I make any sense?

Yes, it makes very much sense... Look also at Stefano's proposal for XML
extension wich will ease the development of a sitemap dramatically. The
first "alpha" implementation will not support this, but as far as the
sitemap proves itself as "working" the biggest concern will be on "how"
to make it smaller and easier.

> I think this way we would get _much_ smaller sitemaps, since we could take
> benefit of patterns in the sitemap design of the site.

That's the effort that will be put after we have something working. But
before that, I want to see it working :)

> Another thing I miss in the sitemap proposal is some support for virtual
> hosts. Since the sitemap is going to take control of all the translation
> process i think it should also take care of virtualhosts, or at least have
> some support for them (diferrent files for different vhosts) or some
> mechanism that avoids the need of one diferent cocoon and JVM for each
> virtual host.

About virtual hosts, these will be handled by the web server itself.
Cocoon will become a "Web Application" as described by the Servlet 2.2


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