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From Tim Bray <>
Subject RE: Sitemap and Links...
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 21:17:16 GMT
At 01:59 PM 1/5/00 -0500, COFFMAN Steven wrote:

[about the show="parsed" attribute]

>Ack! That's horrible! My whole site syndication system relied on that. Any
>idea why they took it out? That feature of XLink, and XSL:T, were my whole
>reason for using XML. I'm crushed.

Because it was really a backdoor substitution for the XML entity
mechanism.  Everyone hates entities and wants such a substition, but
it's a deeper issue than hyperlinking.  So it'll happen, but it's been
moved from the XLInk working group over to XML Core.

There's been a note from Microsoft and IBM called XInclude that
tries to cover this space in a clean way.  Check out

Everyone agrees we need something like this.  It all depends now on
whether lots of people jump up and down and agree to do something
about it. -Tim

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