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From "vsevolod@mail" <>
Subject Cache system problem with SSI again
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:12:24 GMT
I've posted the following message a few days ago and got no answer.
Does anyone have problems with caching or know how to solve mine?
Good morning.
I have the following problem:
I include two xml pages in one ssi page. The first page is generated
normally and the second is taken from the cache but wrong one. For
example when I write:
<!--#include virtual="page1.xml"-->
<!--#include virtual="page2.xml"-->
I get content of page1.xml twice. The problem is somewhere in the
caching systems which handles two requests from one ssi page badly.
Is there any way to prevent it without turning off the cache?
I know Java a little. Where should I look in code to solve this

Vsevolod E. Shorin
ICQ UIN: 54105710
RusArt Studio (

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