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From Nicolás Lichtmaier <>
Subject Re: Content-length
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 00:08:32 GMT
> >  Seems similar. What I've said it's maybe a little more
> > simple I think...
> sure. the asynchronous request mechanism is not directly
> related to the dom processing mechanism. in the constructors
> of individual smartnode classes we instantiate request
> objects and place them in the request queue. there are no
> other dependencies. but we came up with the buffering policy
> mechanism for exactly the reasons that started this thread.

 I don't fully get the scheme you tell yet. Would what I propose
serve your needs?

> >  But anyway, it would be nice that it were part of some
> > standard. A new version of DOM probably. And.. what's
> > cp? =)
> i dunno. i guess if nodes had a way to signal that they were
> ready to be processed, than there could be blocking and non
> blocking document traversals. but do those concepts really
> belong in dom itself, or are they simple extensions?

 They would be extensions to DOM, and as such, they should eventually
be in DOM itself. Hum... that if a change in the API is needed,
perhaps it's just an implementation issue, everything abstracted
under a normal DOM api...

> cp is critical path, where i work. i forgot that i dont use
> my cp address for this list.

 Ah.. ok =)

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