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From Nicolás Lichtmaier <>
Subject Re: Content-length
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 21:06:09 GMT
> >  I like Cocoon. I think it might be the way all things should happen in
> the
> > web. But to do that Cocoon must be as `web friendly' as posible, as static
> > pages are. e.g. it must send the proper HTTP headers in order to cooperate
> > with caches and other HTTP software. From reading the sources it seems
> very
> > easy to add the Content-length header. The whole content is first stored
> in
> > a String (in Engine.handle()). It would be a matter of sending the
> > string.length();. This could be done now... is there any reason this is
> not
> > being done?
> This works now, but what about the mythical Cocoon 2, where the sending of
> content may happen before all of the data has been processed, because of the
> SAX event model?

 I think that sending data when the process hassn't finished is a very good
thing for certain pages: long pages, pages that come with a slow backend.
I'd say that 90% time pages are small (less than 20k). And what do you get
by sending them to the client before (a couple of ms) the page is done? So
I'd said that buffering should be the default, and it should be turned of by
pages which need it.

 I think that we must see a world where *every* site is using Cocoon. In
that world wouldn't we want last-modified stamps anymore?

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