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From "Michel Lehon" <>
Subject Re: xBug
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:12:45 GMT
> SQLProcessor does just that. Tell it what JDBC Driver to use, and the
> apropriate connection information, and SQLProcessor does the rest. The
> only time we'de get into Database specific stuff is if we tried to use a
> query that wasn't standard to SQL (OK, OK, MySQL still doesn't support
> SELECT ...WHERE ...SELECT subquesries, but that can be worked around
> <grin>).

I did not know that but that is the kind of stuff to care about.

> Donald did an excellent job on SQLProcessor. When he's finished with
> SQLEditor you'll see some of his real tallent. There are just a
> few...hurdles...we've got to get figured out for SQLEditor <grin>.

As I said to him in a mail a few weeks ago, I'm already convinced of his
talent (and of the talent of all the Cocoon development team).

Data Warehousing and Web enablement.

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