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From "Michel Lehon" <>
Subject Re: xBug
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:28:04 GMT
I think it would be nice to implement this using standard JDBC calls, so the
back end database does not matter (well only as long as the same JDBC level
is supported). So anyone can run-it on his own database after creation of
the tables (using an 'standard' sql script if possible).

For me this is very important, as most of the time I have to cope with an
installed DB (like Oracle, SqlServer, SAS (not a DBMS but can be accessed
through JDBC), ...)., and if this is generic enough I think it could be used
for many projects.
I'll try to help as much as I can.


Michel. (PS: this time I'll put on my signature).
Data Warehousing and Web enablement.

> As someone who has a little experience with SQL ;-) , and having
> just finished researching this very topic, I'd suggest that it
> be implemented in a MySQL database []. MySQL
> has been used as the initial database type for Bugzilla and
> Turbine.
> Geoffrey Rowell

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