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From Paul Russell <>
Subject [ Re: Cocoon 1.6 on Tomcat 3.0-dev (CVS as of Monday)]
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:58:44 GMT
Or I could send this to the right list. d'oh.


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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:50:55 +0000
From: Paul Russell <>
To: Cocoon Users <>
Subject: Re: Cocoon 1.6 on Tomcat 3.0-dev (CVS as of Monday)
Mail-Followup-To: Cocoon Users <>
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> I completely agree.  I'm thinking that the usage of XSP to generate
> producers is the first architecture that I've seen that REALLY DOES seperate
> out data, from logic, from presentation.  It's great!

Without wishing to 'me too' unnecessarily, I totally agree. I've
been trying to find something which abstracts data from
presentation from style for the last eighteen months. I got so
fed up with it that I started to write something to achieve this
in CORBA (I'm a *big* fan of distributed computing, as well as
abstraction). I've only started using cocoon this week; I'm

It isn't perfect (yet), but it's getting there. I'm currently
having a problem with whitespace stripping in 1.5, which is
*really* frustrating, and I've posted to the users list to no
avail, but I'll reserve judgement on that until 1.6 hits the
Debian distribution. I've looked through all the source I
can find and can't see a problem. If it doesn't fix itself
in 1.6, I'll post it here so you guys can tell me where I'm
screwing up ;)

I would like to re-iterate the views of the two people who's
mails I'm following up. This project, or something with a similar
philosophy, is what the few people I know who share my views
about this industry regard as The Future (to the extent that we
have been calling the idea this for the last ten months). As I
say - I'm new to the project, so I've almost certainly missed
earlier discussion on this already, but have the active developers
of the project (and believe me, I wish I had the time to help -
student life doesn't allow much time for open source development,
unfortunately) considered where cocoon is going long term? I'm
interested in applying this kind of technology to *very* large
websites (as in upwards of five hundred dynamic requests per
second). I can't see this being supported by a single host any
time soon (save possibly a starfire or something similar) - has
any thought been given to making cocoon ready for distributed
computing? (and when I say distributed, I mean transparent load

I'm also interested to hear how many people are running cocoon under
*nix or GNU/Linux - I am *really* looking forward to EJB becoming
something final and usable here in the land of Free software -
I think EJB is the other half of the puzzle as far as changing the
way everything works is concerned (again, I've been trying to build
something similar for nearly two years now - sun may have saved me
the effort - it's a shame they won't give me the source I need to
use it)

Anyway - keep up the good work - hopefully I'll have enough time to
get actively involved with the project sometime soon (right after
I've sussed genetic algorithms and tabu search... anyone fancy a
swap? ;)

Just a few thoughts,


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