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From (Alexander Weinmann)
Subject Re: [finally!] The "Infamous" Cocoon Sitemap Proposal
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2000 18:01:43 GMT
Clark C. Evans writes:
 > On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Alexander Weinmann wrote:
 > > cvs -d checkout xml-cocoon
 > I believe that adding "-r xml-cocoon2" should do it....
 >   cvs -d \
 >       checkout -r xml-cocoon2 xml-cocoon 

Thanks, seems to work! 

I tried 
  cvs -d \
    checkout -j xml-cocoon2 xml-cocoon 

in the meantime, and I also got something usefull.  So what about the 
difference betwenn -j and -r ?? -- Well, don't bother, I will
read some cvs documentation  soon.

Thank you for the hint, anyway. I will dive into the coding now, to understand
you guys talking  about  sitemaps etc. It is quite a pity, that my
holidays are over, so me time will be limited.

By the way, I introduced cocoon in my company and have already started
to write some pretty dirty "org.apache.cocoon.Producers" that fit my needs. I am quite
under time pressure there, but if we get things up and running in  the
middle of january,  nobody will ask me how I did it. And this would
mean: I could go on working full time with cocoon. Thats my goal!



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