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From "Williams, Murray Todd" <>
Subject RPMS for Cocoon-1.6
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:15:39 GMT
As a tool for those first-time users who want to try their hand at Cocoon
but are having difficulty negotiating all the properties files, I've
packaged RPMs for Xerces, Xalan, and Cocoon and would love to get some input
from people. I also now have my own real official server on the net (a cute
little purple iMac) so I can maintain a base of operations.

I also include ApacheJServ-1.1 RPMs which were not designed by me (although
I'm planning on helping to fix that ApJServAction .xml bug) and come from
the website. I did, however, generate a new PowerPC RPM.

I would consider these RPM packages "alpha level" because there are
certainly some glitches left to work out. Here are a couple of things I want
to work out:

*	Right now the ApJServAction bug is still in effect. I've got brief
instructions on the web site to tell people where to move their "LoadModule"
and "AddModule" lines to fix the problem. I'm going to fix the problem with
ApachJServ RPM *and* I'm going to modify the Cocoon installer so that it
detects and fixes the bug as well.
*	I'm trying to think of a good way to handle the JDK memory settings
since it takes very little for Cocoon to hit memory problems. I might just
have the Cocoon installer insert a comment in the appropriate place in suggesting some settings. I'll need to put in some
autodetection in order to determine whether the JDK is 1.1 or 1.2 since the
command line syntax changed.
*	I'm trying to figure out whether the source RPMs should recompile
Cocoon (and Xerces and Xalan) or simply include the JAR files. The former
seems really unnecessary since JAR files are already architecture
*	Right now these RPMs are built off of the assumption that one's
using ApacheJServ. I haven't figured out Tomcat yet, but I might want to
include that in the RPM collection and make the other RPMs know how to do an
installation with either Tomcat or ApacheJServ.

As soon as I feel like the major bugs are shaken out, these RPMs might want
to live on the website. Feedback is appreciated.

By the way, I'm taking off tomorrow for a much-needed two week vacation. If
there are any glaring problems, e-mail me at so I can fix
them before I take off.


Murray Todd Williams

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