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From "Victor Smirnov" <>
Subject Suggestions on Bug Tracking System arcitechture
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 12:25:52 GMT
Hello Jeremy!

IMO, the first principle of design for this is simplisity of implementation.
I'm almost sure that after some evaluation our Bug Tracking System
will be redesigned. So, for the beging lets make one for experiments:-)

I sugest to put each bug in separate XML file and organize them in directory
structure according to the bug state.
New term. Bugs' Library (or simple Library) - collection of bugs, organized
into directory structure according to their state.
May be one file is simpler, but on the other hand, having several files we
can experiment
with DTD and XSL. We can have slightly different format and way of
represantation for some

Library can be published - it's converted to the proper format (html, txt,
etc.) and necessary indexes are added. Or it can be access online.

Sugested directory structure:
BugLibrary/submited            Newly submited bugs, no action is taken on
BugLibrary/new                     This bugs are properly handled (assigned
                                                to the developer
                                                and activated) and are in
                                                working stage.
BugLibrary/resolved             Bugs already fixed, resolution is given.
BugLibrary/closed                Bugs fixed already in some release.
This is heavely based on the Life Cycle Of A Bug from Bugzilla.
(see )

The next step is the Bug DTD. I hope you don't mind if I write not DTD
but the example of the bug.

-- This is the first variant. Truely speaking I don't like this, at this
-- I just whant to be sure that no data is missed.
-- The open question are
-- 1. where to place dependences between bugs -
-- separate file or in each bug?
-- 2. How to store history of changes?
-- Do we need to story history?

<bug id="123">

<!-- or may be fixed, etc. -->

<!-- Component name - the list of components is the
separate topic -->

<os>Windows 98</os>


    <person name="Victor" mail=""/>
    <!-- maybe some other info, for instance expierence -->
    <person name="Alexey" mail=""/>
    <person name="Roman" mail=""/>
    <person DevID="SM"/>
<!-- :-) -->

<!-- Initial description by submiter -->
<short>Description in one line</short>
<dsc>Initial description of the bug

        <person name="Pussy" mail="cat@com"/>
            Additional comment, may be several of them
        <person name="Pussy" mail="cat@com"/>
        <type type="patch"/>
            Their we can put patches, etc.

Comments and suggestions will be appriciated.

- Victor

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