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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Name already in use?
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 21:47:15 GMT
I agree. You should keep the name unless forced to change it.
I like x-cocoon, or I could add a few suggestions to the mix ;-)

    1.  INC (INC's Not Cocoon)
    2.  The software product formerly known as Cocoon ;-)
    3.  SCOTT - (Separate Content over Three Tiers) - My personal favorite
    4.  STEFANO - Stefano's Tiered Electronic Framework As a Network of
    5.  GPF - Great Publishing Framework - Probably already trademarked...
    6.  PIER - Publishing Infrastructure for Electronic Review
    7.  ISIDIMJF - It Slices, It Dices, It Makes Julienne Friess...
    8.  SITEMAP - Stefano's Internet Tiered Electronic Means for Automated

I din't mean to leave anyone out.  I was just having a little fun ,->

Scott Sanders

> Had this problem before. We consulted our lawyers and they advised to
> wait it out. If the owners complain, then change it. If not, keep it.
> It also happened to us the other way 'round. The first course of action
> was a friendly warning from us that the name was trademarked and in the
> same domain as our activities. They sent us back a note that they would
> stop using it.
> I would use "xcocoon" if forced to change, to retain the flavor of XML,
> XSL, XSP (plus, literally, it is now ex-cocoon if you change it:-)
> Ted

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