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From "Victor Smirnov" <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 05:21:46 GMT
I think some logging will be usefull.
On the other hand, it seems to me, that writing to standart output
is just kidding :-) - what is the standart output for servlet?

Working with unix i've got a habit to start with exploring logs,
if something goes in a wrong way.
So the absence of the logs in Cocoon project makes me
feel uncomfortable. I think, that "paranoid" loging will help greatly
in debuging. In the working enviroment user can tern this feature off.

If you find this usefull, I'll try my bests in this field.


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Îò: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Êîìó: <>
Äàòà: 17 ÿíâàðÿ 2000 ã. 04:33
Òåìà: Re: odd behavior

>Michael Engelhart wrote:
>> I just noticed that if you have a Producer listed in your
>> file and the class associated with it is not in your classpath anymore,
>> Cocoon stops the initialization process.  Shouldn' the behavior at least
>> display a message to stdout or better yet display a message and then
>> continue on with the initialization process so that Cocoon at least works
>> for the remaining Producers/Processors?
>I'm kind of neutral to this. What do other think?

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