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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: Thoughts...
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:15:13 GMT
> > 1) Cocoon needs more output formats: plain text, RTF and TIFF/PNG would
> > very nice.  Then Cocoon can output most useful formats: XML, HTML, PDF,
> > raw text and images.

> Ummm... I say this as nicely as possible, so as not to offend... are you
> sure you are up on what XSL/T does?  Cocoon is limited in its output
> formats only by how well you can transform the XML you give it.
> Certainly some binary data such as PDF relies on additional programs,
> but if it can be represented by hand, it can be transformed to that
> representation.  Now if you are talking about writing additional
> formatting-objects... go for it, but that's way beyond our scope here...

I was thinking of XSL:FO to RTF mainly, implemented as a Formatter in a
similar manner to FOP.

I really would like RTF creation, that way a document can be produced which
MS Word will open easily, fully formatted.  HTML is not a sensible solution.

[snip - user agent detection]
> We talked earlier about implementing something like that.  If you have
> the bandwidth, go for it!

Cool - I'll play with XSP over the weekend.

Ross Burton

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