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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: odd behavior
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:10:45 GMT
> > Actually, I think an ideal situation would be to have a notifier class
> > sends an email/page/whatever to the sysadmin, warning that "Cocoon has
> > failed to locate the Producer com.xxxx.TestClass. Don't forget to update
> > your file".  (Is the JavaMail jar file
> > I'll donate this code if any one thinks it's worthwhile.  It may be
> > although it's something I would be happy to see.  I already use a class
> > wrote just for this for notifying me if my code get ClassNotFound,
> > FileNotFound exceptions, etc.

> JavaMail mail is re-distrbutable, although a SMTP client is as easy as

If a email log applet is used, I think one that doesn't use JavaMail might
be handy - JavaMail is a hefty package and as has been said, sending a SMTP
message manually is trivial.

I'm not saying don't use JavaMail, I just don't want to see _more_ packages
needed for Cocoon to compile...


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