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From "Victor Smirnov" <>
Subject Re: bugoon
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 07:17:49 GMT

This subject is interesting to me and I have some expierence
with RDBMS (mostly Oracle 7-8), and I can help. So, if you have any
technical questions, you can contact me directly - SQL programming
is offtopic to this list :-)

Let me state the goal in global. Apache community needs framework
for open source development and one of it part is a Bug Tracking System.
So let's develop it as separate project, and do it in a "right" way.

For this reason I suggest
1. create mailing list for it. Their is no need to cluter Cocoon-dev with
technical issues on bug tracking and visa versa.
2. have special page devoted to it, where we can place concepts,
project plan, status, to do list. (i can try my bests on doing this, but
realy hard task for me and i whant to have a little hope that it will be
3. have module in CVS for the stuff.

This project can be devided in several streams (or branches).
1. Rapid solution. In this project we can get the most power from the
    a. Let's begin with the data structure. It will be my first message in
new mailing list :-)
    b. Then UI. I mean list of pages the user will interect with, at this
moment descriptions
    c. Do required coding - only what is necessary for the step b.
    d. Start using it - probably it's the most difficult task.
I think, that this is the job for 1-2 people; as for me, I can do in 1-1,5

2. Investigation. At the same time we can go on researching the nature of
Bug Tracking.
One the thing to do is to analyze existing systems. At the end we will have
(documentation) which describes all the aspects of the system.

3. Main stream development. The implementation of what was created on the
previous step.

Let's just do this. At this moment I feel my hands tied with
missunderstanding of the procedure.
What shell I do to give the breath to this ideas?

p.s. I'll gladely comunicate with all wishing to work on the subject.

p.p.s. What's the official name for our Bug Tracking System?

- Victor

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