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From "Laurian Gridinoc" <>
Subject strange behavior
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 05:37:16 GMT
I was expecting that XSP won't work :)

Instead this is perfect [and superb] but something very strange is

anypath/any_[non]_existant_file.xml [even /Cocoon.xml]
is served as the 'Cocoon Live Show' page [samples/index.xml]

samples/hello/hello-page.xml  -- i get samples/index.xml
samples/hello/hello-page.xml?whatever -- works okay :) [that's why all the
XSP examples works]

now i will disable the caching in cocoon...
...and it works okay.

enabling the caching...
...wrong again

I'm using Apache 1.3.9, Jserv 1.1b2, jdk 1.1.7; on RedHat 6.1

Laurian Gridinoc
Chief Technology Officer, Inc.
Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
  -- Shakespeare, "The Tempest"

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